Saturday, September 27, 2008

Carlsbad Caverns and Mexico Mission Trip

Last week Matt's mom came out to visit. We weren't able to do too much because we were all so busy. But we were able to go to Carlsbad Caverns!

These pictures totally don't do it justice. It was pretty much impossible to get a good picture in there. It's a huge cave and just really amazing.

These are called like the Giants because well, they're HUGE!The fam with one of those giant thing behind us.See the drop?One of the few that are actually still growing. If you look close you can see that it's wet.

These are called a lions tail. Can you guess why?This is just to show how huge the cave is (and this is just one part!). See the people?


So then this past weekend was our first mission trip to Jaurez, Mexico. It was an awesome trip. I went to Jaurez on my first mission trip with Teen Mania when I was 12 so it was cool to go back, even though I don't remember much. We stayed at a compound of a church there. It was suprisingly really nice. I didn't get any real good shots of it, but both the church and the compound stand out because they're nice and painted real bright colors.

Our van on the way down.
The view from the balacony.The ever faithful watchdog. This is the diningroom area in the compound.

All the ladies.

Saturday morning we split up into smaller groups. My group painted a school, Matt's group mixed and poured cement for someone in the church's shower, and other groups tarred a roof and did some electrical work.

The kids came over and wanted to help, so we put em to work!
This little girl was so cute. She was going and talking to everyone and then she made a heart on the sidewalk next to me.

This seemed to be pretty normal....

The whole gang at the church.
Saturday evening the church was having a futball (soccer) and volleyball tournament. So we went and played and just hung out with the kids. It was really awesome. This is my team.
Matt playing futball. Of course all us Americans pale in comparison to those Mexicans at this game.
Ben's fan club.

The church. It was a really neat building.

This is from the balcony of the church overlooking the volleyball court and soccer field.

Amanda, Lilee and I. Lilee was the coolest girl. She didn't speak English but it was awesome just trying to talk to her. She is 20 and is in college for biology and wants to do something in genetics. I was amazed! She is a Christian and sings for the worship team at the church too. At one point she was asking us girls if we had boyfriends and then we asked her and she said no but she wanted one and then she poiinted up and said something along the lines of "God knows." I was so encouraged just fellowshipping with believers of another country. It's stilly, but I realize now that I didn't view them as the same as us, but they are! Joking around with her and stuff it really humbled and made me realize that we're really all just children of God. And that's neat.
Some of us girls with Lilee and Lube.
Then Sunday morning for church service we helped out. I helped out in the nursery. This little boy got mad at us for not letting him leave. Isn't he cute!

By Sunday afternoon, this is what we all looked like!
And a beautiful New mexico sunset.

Also, Matt and I found out that he can speak Spanish! He can't like speak fluently at all, but enough to get by that's for sure! By the end of Saturday night people were calling him over to help them understand what someone was saying! And the crazy thing is he only took one year his freshman year and got like a D in the class. Guess he's just good at it or something, or maybe it was the Lord. :-D Either way it was awesome, cause like I said, I dont' think he even realized he could speak it that well. The last kids we talked to Saturday night were these two emo girls (Yeah! they have emo girls in Mexico! I was amazed at least) and one of their boyfriends. they were sitting there listening to screamo music, and they even could say screamo when Matt asked about what bands they like (Underoath being one of them!) It was just awesome talking to them. The guy when asked if he goes to church there he said "No, I just listen to music." Does that sound familiar? To me it does, and as I said, it really was a lesson on how there really is very little if any difference between the youth down there and up here.


awesome sister said...

yay! I'm glad you posted this. i'm glad you had a good time, and more excited to see what the Lord has you guys doing at the school.

Mark- Karen- Taylor and Madison Oglesby said...

wow.. those caverns are amazing!! would like to see those sometime.. the mission trip also looks like a great experience.. some great pictures bethany... love the black and white and the kid shots!!

It's Lisa said...

I'm very glad that I can see how everything is going with you and Matt( via the blog).
The caverns look like a fun trip to go explore.
The Mexico trip also looked like great time to go minister to those in need.

Jen said...

Awesome photos! We all gave pix to Nina (from Tues study) of us and our should send her one of these great hsots of you and Matt to add to her collection:)
I've got photos of Baby Samuel up at my blog...thanks for all the prayer.
Miss you!

Joni Scott said...

Hi Bethany! I finally had time this morning to puruse your new post! What a great experience you are having! I am a little jealous but mostly so happy you have this great opportunity to experience so many new things and serve God!

Hannah said...

I'm beginning to get a half-an-hour jealous!

Jessica said...

This is all so neat-o! Glad you are getting to do all that stuff! Wish I could! Great pix!

Hey how the heck do you make your background look pretty on this site???

Ken Shomo said...


I just read on this site - - that "Chuck Smith cooed at baby Bethany."


What will we learn next? Billy Graham baked a cake with little Gracie, or Rick Warren babysat Hannah?

Kourtney and Faith Zahn said...

How about a new post? Hmmm? This is for all of your fan club out there because we all know I know everything that goes on in your life! :)

Kourtney and Faith Zahn said...

How about a new post? Hmmm? This is for all of your fan club out there because we all know I know everything that goes on in your life! :)

Rosie said...

hey thanks for noticing the Christmas colors on my blog!! I like them too. Now... Will you ever read this comment? I wonder...