Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas and Anniversary

Check out this sunset!

This Christmas was definitely a different one. It was good though. It actually was overcast instead of sunny which was nice. Christmas Eve we went to Old Town Albuquerque. It's a lot like Santa Fe with all the little shops and whatnot.

All the luminarias. These are huge out here. I don't think I'd ever really heard of them before. Everyone puts them out for Christmas Even.
A church where there was a live nativity scene.

The friaris singing. They were reading the Christmas story as it happened. For example, they read about the Wise men and then sang We Three Kings. There aren't any pictures of the nativity because it was too crowded to see much.
Matt and I with his mom, sister Faith and her husband Kourtney.

This tree was huge...except it actually isn't a tree. It's a bunch of trees put together to make one!

Christmas morning!

Then yesterday was Matt and I's 2nd Anniversary!
We took a train to Santa Fe.
The Lady of Guadalupe church (I think there's supposed to be an "Our" before Lady but whatever). Personally, I think it's kind of creepy. I don't know the story behind her, but the guy coming from the ground, pulling up her dress...what's up with that? Also, in front of her, where you can't see, they had a tiny statue of Jesus on the cross. Hmm......

Another church, probably with 'St.' or 'Our' at the beginning of the name, but I can't remember. It's really nice though!
And this is what is inside that mysterious named church: The Mysterious Staircase. It has no middle beam or any sort of support to it. Apparently the "sisters" back in the day needed a staircase that wouldn't take up room for seating. So they prayed. Then some carpenter showed up and built this. I guess architects can't really figure it out. It sure is pretty!
Then we went to this River of Lights back in Albuquerque. Since we didn't get a picture of the train we rode, I figured this would work.