Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hannah's Graduation

Well she did it! Hannah made it through school and indeed graduated.

This is Hannah watching all of our lovely songs to her. I'm pretty sure she was much so that she showed pretty much everyone, including people at JPUSA. I guess it's worth the humilition to make her happy.

I tried to put just these two pictures together but I couldn't. So this is Hosanna posing for her Grandma, and the other is her posing for me. Can you guess which is which?
Ok I know Mom and Hannah don't look the greatest in this picture, but hey, they're obviously not the important ones now are they? And that person looks just great!
Hannah in her room at JPUSA. I wanted to take more pics but...I didn't.

Monday, May 12, 2008


This past weekend Matt and I along with his mother and grandmother, went to Madison, Indiana. A cute little town along the Ohio river. It's a town of only about 12,000 and it's downtown has been kept real historic. There was a movie about it called Madison with Jim Cavizel (Jesus in The Passion). It's a pretty good movie and you see a lot about the town.'s some pictures.

An overview look of Madison. Across that bridge of course is Kentucky.

Here is Matt and I at the cave that's in the movie. It actually is a tunnel. We only went a little ways because we didn't have a flashlight and it gets creepy. Ok so this is pretty right? It is 80something feet. Wow. Big drop. Then that night it rained and poured (it was that storm system that brought all those tornado's to Georgia and whatnot). So as we're driving out we decided to take a look at the falls figuring it'd be cool with all the rain.....Wow! What a difference! Very cool.
And here's another big falls. This is why the state park is called "Clifty Falls." This is where we saw some guys from a search party. Turns out there is a 26 year old guy who has been missing for almost two weeks. Terrible! As we were leaving there were a TON of people getting to go ready to search. Sounds like he came to the park a lot. I hope they find him!