Friday, April 4, 2008

Luke Menard-American Idol

Well as I had mentioned before, Luke Menard who made it to the top 8 guys on Amerian Idol is from Crawfordsville, here where Matt and I live (oh and of course he goes to our church too, when he's in town). The whole time he was on, he was in the paper constantly and there were signs up all around town. Here are some of those signs.

Then this past Thursday, they had a "rally" for Luke at the high school. There were a LO Tof people. More than I thought would even be there. The mayor proclaimed it "Luke Menard Day." Finally at end Luke spoke. He still is under contract so he isn't aloud to sing. Bummer. But they did play his songs that he performed (of course they didn't show what Simon said!). Remember the first song Luke did and he said he did it to show how comfortable he was on stage? Well now I understand better because he really is very comfortable on stage. He was funny and stuff. He said that the producers told him that town Crawfordsville size are the kind that will push you far. And he also said when he was sent some emails of pictures of the signs around town, he kinda poked around at the other contestants to see if their hometowns were doing anything like Crawfordsville was. And nope. None of the others were! So that was pretty cool.

Luke with his wife and some of his family. (He has 65 cousins on ONE side of his family!)
Lukes super cute wife.Luke being swarmed at the end.
So all pretty exciting for this nice small town. Kinda silly, but fun and exciting all the same. I also watch American Idol because of him. I watched it season 3 and 4 and havne't since. But since Luke's been on, I have.
Go David Archuletta! He is so gonna win.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two family-fun filled weekends

So here I am again trying to update. It's not always an easy task.

Yes, some of my fam did come down last weekend. It was super great to see them all. Zuri was 3 months older than last time I saw her and 3 months in baby time is a looong time. So it was great to see her and her smile!

See what I mean? Look at that smile!
Everyone enjoyed DDR. Including Hosanna (but I won't put any pics of that in to save time and space!)

Ok so onto this past weekend. Matt's cousin in Arkansas got married. It was a beautiful wedding. I didn't get a picture of it but down the asile were a ton of candles on each side with flower petals sprinkled. There also was a huge canopy over the stage. Very pretty.
Matt and I at the wedding.
Now the big game here was Guitar Hero. Even Matt's Grandma got into it and did really well!Matt's sister Faith (left) and his cousin Amanda. And of course Brayden.