Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This past thursday was Matt's birthday and Faith had some time off. So we went to Colorado. Matt has family in Denver that I had never met, including his Grandpa.

This is on the way up, still in NM. Yeah, hot.
Matt's Grandpa took us into the mountains where he lived for a time. This is the view from his cabin, until it burned down.A storm was a brewin.The men. Grandpa Rossi, Kourtney and Matt.Then the guys decided to climb up the hill. Including Matt's Grandpa! And it was no easy climb. Faith and I then decided to join.Well worth the climb!It was raining the whole case you can't tell.Very large rock, and me.

Red Rocks. We couldn't go into the ampitheatre, there was a wedding or something going on.This is Frisco, CO. 9 miles from Breckenridge. Matt and I spent the next day in the mountains. It was amazing. The town is the the right. A lot of these pictures are similar, but it's so hard to choose! It was a really neat little town. It even had a disc golf course! So we had to play.And what better place to play than here? Wow!
Breckenridge, CO
Uhhh....not sure about him. Very strange. He was like, hopping along the street.

Casa Bonita restaurant in Denver. It is a very crazy restaurant.
Sunday we all went on a bike ride from the Sanderlin's (that's Matt's fam) home to downtown Denver. Like 20 miles!
For the heck of it, from L to R: Conner, Kourtney, Matt, Bethany, Faith, Grandpa Rossi, Terri, Bruce, Kara, Colleen.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More ABQ photos!

Our home!
Living room. Dining room is to the top right.Dining room. Kitchen to the right.
Kitchen. Door leads to garage.Hallway to bedrooms and bathroom.Us in our bedroom.
Our backyard, with trees and grass! That is pretty exciting, seriously.A roadrunner in our backyard! It didn't say "beep beep" Bummer.
The cafe and bookstore at the church.
The baptismal.

The baptismal to the right and the amphitheater to the left. The cafe and bookstore are off in the back on the right.
The skatepark.

Sunday in the Park, everyone enjoying the band The Glorious Unseen.

Friday, July 18, 2008


It was a long drive, but we made it!
It really wasn't the prettiest drive. Texas was the worst by far. But at the edge of Texas beginning of NM, it got real pretty. And then it got flat and deserty again.
There are a LOT of pictures. Just a forewarning.

Here we are in IN. You can't tell how packed our car was, but trust me, it was jam packed.

It was Matt, not me!So this is kinda strange. It's some Cadillac's sticking up out of the ground in TX. there were a lot of windmill farms. Mostly though, they weren't moving. These ones were, but the next like 3 farms we saw, not a one of the windmills were moving. haOh yes, red dirt!Welcome to New Mexico!This is what made the drive so long!the first view of mountains!
Ok so Faith and Kourtney took us up on the mountain last night. This is the east side. The west side is Albuquerque.

We could see it raining in places and then lightening in the very far distance. It was really cool.

Pictures don't do it justice. It was so awesome.

Otherwise, it is very hot here. It's more humid than normal cuz we're in monsoon season. But it still isn't as humid as Indiana (hallelujah!) It's amazing what being 5,000' above sea level can do. the sun is SO bright. I feel like the clouds are so much closer!
see what I mean?
I didn't take this picture, though wish I had. But it's cool cuz you can see the mountains from almost anywhere you go here. It's pretty neat.

Next, I'll try to take some pictures of our house and the church.