Friday, October 12, 2007

Pastors Conference

So we made it to the pastors conference! And there was much rejoicing.
I was really glad both Matt and I were able to go, even though he didn't get to stay until the end. It was just good to fellowship with people, mainly my family.

Of course, then there was drama.
When is there NOT drama with my family?
But things are ok now. And I have to agree with Grace that it was really good to see my Dad happy. I don't think I've seen him like that in a couple years.
Oh yeah, he's engaged.
January 1st.

We got to meet Zuri! That was wonderful. She's a cutie that's for sure. My Dad thinks she looks like me, which of course is nice for me, but really, I think she just looks like Grace and since Grace and I look alike, it all blends. Of course, one person while we were there didn't know Grace and I were sisters. But another was like "You guys look sooo much alike." So....ya know.
This is Hosanna. Of course. This is her as we are about to give her our gift. She was very excited about her present, and before even opening it proceeded to tell us all about when she was "two!!" and got all kinds of presents. Very cute.
This of course is her present. She wasn't all that excited about at first and grabbed the bag and looked in it and said "I wanna open the other one." Uhh...there wasn't another one. She got over that quickly when she saw her cup had "Cindewella" on it.
Don't you just love her double chin she makes when smiling?

Hannah and Hosanna playing the wonderful game of carpetball!
This is Zuri! She's even looking at the camera!

So as you can see, we spent a lot of time with Hosanna. I thought we would more with Zuri.(I know, I only have one picture of her on here because our cameras batteries ran out!) But I guess I forgot that she IS a baby and wants her mother often so she can eat and simply, because she wants her mother. Plus, Hosanna is super cute right now, talking like crazy. And Matt really enjoyed her. And I think Hosanna enjoyed him.