Sunday, December 30, 2007

1st Anniversary

Christmas went well. It was nice to spend it with Matt’s family.

But now that’s not what I wanted to post about.

One year ago today, I became a wife.

It’s really crazy to think that it’s been that long.

Before we got married, time seemed to drag on…

now it flies by!

I would definitely say it has been the best year of my life.
I completely love being married and can’t imagine not being married.
It does help of course to have the best husband in the world. Seriously.
I am so very thankful and undeserving of the man God gave me.
I’ve heard it said that the first year is the hardest. That has not been true for us at all.
We’ve even been told by people that we are good advocates for marriage!

This year has been one of growth and joy.
And I’m very thankful for the marriage we have.
So happy 1st Anniversary babe!

I love you more now than I did than and I pray it’ll only continue to grow for the next 50+ years!

Monday, December 3, 2007

An update!

Hey look I'm updating! Now everyone can stop complaining about having to read about the pastors conference constantly.

Seeing as the only people who read this are family, and family that I was with during Thanksgiving, I thought it kind of silly to post pictures of Thanksgiving. But then I decided, what the heck? So I shall. But first, some of our life before Thanksgiving.

This is Matt's family. Well some of them. The ones that live close. Every year they go to Spring Mill State Park in southern Indiana. So this year, I got to go too.

This is us outside of a very large cave that's there. It was cool, but kinda creepy too.

This is Matt and David, doing what boys do best.And a very exciting game of Risk. Oh boy.

Ok, Thanksgiving.

Hosanna drove with us on the way to Howell. And she decided to make gloves out of her car seat.My Mammy and sisters. And Zuri! (Thanks Aunt Karen)

The Matt's of the "family"...all looking at the other cameras. Aren't they cute in their similar shirts?

The whole family!
Go Trojans! We won the state championship for the first time since 76. Woot.
Matt cheering at the game. Mom rocking Zuri.

Well, that's all I got.
Now it's Christmas time already. We went shopping for Christmas decorations today (I know it's kinda late). This is our first Christmas being married so we really had nothing. I'm excited to get to decorate a tree and all that.
There is snow on the ground here! In one night it snowed 3-4" and that was a record for the snowiest start to December in 11 years. Ha! Wow. I'm hoping I brought the snow from the U.P. down here like Matt brought the lack of snow to the U.P. last year.
This is probably my update for the year. Enjoy.

P.S. Does anyone know how to put a picture in your blog without it going in at the very top of the entry and then having to drag it all the way down to where you want it? That is very annoying to have to do. I can't imagine you should have to do that constantly. If so, xanga is better.